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      2. 股票代碼


        About Us
        Founded in 1997, 263 Network Communications Company Limited (263 Group, stock code: 002467) is a leading global provider of cloud-based Internet communications services. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and overseas.

        With decades of experience in the industry, 263 Group has always focused on the three business areas of cloud network, cloud communication and meta-universe, providing scenario-based solutions to support digital transformation practices in government, finance, healthcare, education, automotive, manufacturing, carrier, Internet and other industries.

        In the field of cloud network services, 263 Group has overall capabilities in digital infrastructure such as computing, storage, network, 5G and security, providing technical support and operation and maintenance of data centers, virtual private networks, 5G communications and real-time audio and video networks, and creating new-generation information high-speed channels and computing network platform services.

        In the field of cloud communication services, 263 Group provides solutions for digital marketing, digital office, digital learning and digital life based on its converged communication capabilities of live streaming, video, telephone and email, and continues to provide a comprehensive digital platform and intelligent services for government, enterprises and home users.

        In the field of metaverse applications, 263 Group focuses on the research and development of new technologies such as virtual reality, human-computer interaction and AIGC, realizing application solutions such as virtual space construction, 3D virtual live broadcast and digital human image creation with excellent technological capabilities, and empowering hundreds of industries to realize digital upgrading and transformation.

        Currently, 263 Group has provided full-scene Internet communication cloud services to 150,000 enterprises and 7 million users, covering China, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions.

        For the future, 263 Group is still committed to building ubiquitous connectivity, improving communication experience and organizational efficiency, jointly promoting industrial and social progress, sharing global ecological resources, and creating an open and intelligent era together.
        • 2023
          Launching AI digital human to create smart new connections in 2023.
        • 2022
          In 2022, we launched the strategy of "Building Intelligent Cloud Connectivity.Enabling Digital Transformation".
        • 2021
          In 2021, we launched our domestic enterprise mailbox products and took the lead in promoting the localization of office applications.
        • 2020
          In 2020, we launch cloud video conferencing to enhance the efficiency of enterprise video communication and collaboration.
        • 2019
          In 2019, we will release the "Video+" strategy to consolidate the basic strength of audio and video.
        • 2018
          In 2018, we acquired 100% of Risheng Group to provide corporate cross-border data communication services.
        • 2017
          Jointly with Arkadin to provide the leading teleconferencing solution for the China market in 2017.
        • 2016
          In 2016, we established a joint venture with NTT Group to obtain an Internet resource collaboration license and focus on international IDC business development.
        • 2015
          In 2015, wholly-owned acquisition of live broadcast manufacturer Gensee , marking up the enterprise communication and collaboration market.
        • 2014
          In 2014, we obtained the pilot status of mobile resale business and started the operation of mobile communication business.
        • 2012
          In 2012, 263 cloud communication product strategy was released, integrating enterprise mailbox, teleconference and IM, and layout of converged communication field.
        • 2011
          In 2011, we launched 263 teleconferencing and focus on the corporate meeting market.
        • 2010
          On September 8, 2010, 263 Group was listed on Shenzhen A-share listing.
        • 2008
          In 2008, 263 Group invested in iTalkBB, a VolP operator in the United States, to start the business deployment of overseas Chinese communication services.
        • 2004
          In 2004, we launched 950509 multiparty call service and became one of the first telecom value-added service providers to have a commercial trial license for multiparty communication in China.
        • 2003
          In 2003, we launched 96446 service and grew to be the largest IP long distance agent in China.
        • 2002
          In 2002, 263 Enterprise Mailbox was launched, free mailboxes were transformed into paid mailboxes, and a new journey of comprehensive commercialization was started.
        • 2001
          In 2001, we became a "domestic four-star Internet data center service provider", and the registered users of personal free mailbox products exceeded 20 million in the same year.
        • 2000
          In 2000, we launched 95963 national unified access number and became the largest ISP provider in China.
        • 1998
          In 1998, we officially operated the first domestic dial-up Internet access service with caller billing, access number 263.In the same year we launched personal free mailbox system and registered users exceeded 2 million.
        • 1997
          December 28, 1997, founded in Beijing, launched the Internet access service (ISP) trial operation, the company formally serve the public.

        Management Team

        Li Yujie

        Group Chairman and President

        Li Yujie

        Group Chairman and President

        LI YU JIE


        Xin Weimin

        Group Vice President

        XIN WEI MIN


        Xu Lidong

        XU LI DONG

        Group Vice President

        Meng Xuexia

        MENG XUE XIA

        Group Vice President
        Our Culture

        263 Vision

        A leading global provider of Internet communication cloud services

        263 Mission

        Improve communication experience and organizational efficiency

        263 Purpose

        Connect the world, connect you and me

        263 Values

        Integrity, pragmatism, inclusiveness and responsibility

        Corporate Culture Wall
        昌平區263黨支部2023“憶滿京城 情思華夏”掃墓活動
        2023“聚勢 合力共贏”新春年會
        Our Offices
        Domestic Office Area
        Overseas Office Area
        Customer Service
        Media & Invest Contacts
        Beijing (HQ)
        No.13 Chaoqian Road, Changping District, Beijing
        Beijing (Operation Center)
        17-18/F, Jianda Building, No.14 Dongtucheng Road, Hepingli, Chaoyang District, Beijing
        Room 125, 2/F, Building C02, Phase I, Lot C, Hainan Ecological Software Park, South One Ring Road, Laocheng Development Zone, Chengmai County, Hainan Province
        207 Dalian Design City, No.10 Aixian Street, Hi-Tech Park, Dalian, Liaoning Province
        Room 2001, Xinde Business Building, No.246 Zhongshan Si Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
        603, Building 4, Rize Business Center, No.89 Jingzhou North Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
        9/F & 15/F, Tianhong Business Building, No.682 Shuidian Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai
        3F, Block D, D3, TCL International E City, No.1001 Zhongshan Park Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
        Hong Kong
        77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Office No.11 , 20/F, Leighton Centre, Hong Kong
        Room 658, 6/F, Bus Business Center, No.21 Yinxiang Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
        28th Floor, No.9 Shangqingsi Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing
        USA:1600 Tysons Blvd,Ste 750 McLean VA 22102
        CAN:Toronto 245 West Beaver Creek Road,Unit 9,Richmond Hill,ON L4B 1L1
        263 Cloud Network
        For Support-263 Cloud Network:
        263 Cloud Communications
        For Support-263 Cloud Communications:
        For Sales-263 Cloud Communications:
        For Support-iTalkBB Home Phone:
        For Support-iTalkBB Chinese TV:
        For Sales-iTalkBB Chinese TV:
        Customer Service for Mainland China of iTalkBB:
        Media Contact
        Address:17-18/F, Jianda Building, No.14Dongtucheng Road, Hepingli,Chaoyang District, Beijing.
        Invest Contact
        Address:17-18/F, Jianda Building, No.14Dongtucheng Road, Hepingli,Chaoyang District, Beijing.
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